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About Our Pyramid Patios

A Pyramid Patio looks magnificent both attached or as a freestanding structure. They are the perfect compliment to your pool area or outdoor settings. Add a touch of tropical to your outdoor retreat, the sides of the Patio all meet at one single point creating the Pyramid shape. The design not only creates extra space but keeps the light and air from the outdoors so you can enjoy it all year round.


All of our Patio designs are certified by a qualified, structural engineer, providing you with trust and guarantee that your Patio is inline with the Australian Standards. Before construction starts of your new Patio, a building approval is required from your local shire. We are able to organise this for you! It is our mission to make your planning process as smooth as possible and most importantly hassle free! Each shire have their own internal policy and procedures, which means the time frames and standards will vary. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Attached or Freestanding

Space Saver

High Ventilation

Comfort & Style

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